While many civil engineering projects involving concrete are designed to stand the test of time, there are always examples of concrete becoming brittle or cracked. Whether this is in relation to the weather conditions or changes in the environment, it is important to fix these issues as quickly as possible. In some circumstances, instead of replacing the concrete entirely, it might be best to apply a rapid floor self-levelling cementitious grout – a process known as concrete topping.

A great example of a product capable of this is the BluCem RF20. Part of Bluey Technologies’ industry-leading cement grout and mortar range, the RF20 is specially designed to assist concrete-related projects.

Examples of where BluCem RF20 is useful

As mentioned above, the self-levelling floor topping can add value to any civil engineering project where it is best not to replace the concrete altogether. This means it is capable in the following applications:

  • Levelling concrete floors
  • Refurbishing old concrete or tiled floors
  • Resurfacing rain damaged concrete slabs

Of course, it is important to talk to the expert team at Bluey Technologies to ensure this is the right product for your project. A qualified and skilled civil engineer should also be present on site to make sure the BluCem RF20 is being applied in the right fashion and under the correct circumstances.

Benefits of BluCem RF20

To diverse this product from the other similar offering in the industry, Bluey Technologies has spent a considerable amount of time ensuring the BluCem RF20 is a true game-changer. Here are three of its advantages:

1) Fast setting and rapid strength gain

In many situations, cracked or brittle concrete can delay other projects or services – meaning the problem needs to be rectified as quickly as possible.

As such, the BluCem RF20 features a unique chemical compound that ensures it rapidly sets and increases in strength. This ensure spaces are returned to full service efficiently.

2) Feathered edges

Feathered edges are an important part of blending repair material both seamlessly and smoothly into the existing concrete. If you want to achieve this as part of your civil engineering project, the BluCem RF20 is the required product.

3) Chloride and sulphate resistance

Chloride and sulphate are two elements that can deteriorate the quality of a concrete slab or floor. At Bluey, we understand the need to only fix concrete once so have added special compounds to the makeup of BluCem RF20 to ensure this isn’t a problem.

To learn more about BluCem RF20 below.

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