Cementitious patch repairs are a necessary and effective solution for strengthening concrete structures which have become defective or spalled.

Repair mortars designed for this purpose should be durable and allow the structure to respond to loading in the way in which it was designed.  For this reason, we aim to create products that have a compatible modulus of elasticity but also have properties which maximise durability while also offering ultra-low permeability, high alkalinity and low chloride diffusion.

When concrete structures are damaged, mortar repair should be undertaken as soon as possible.

Whichever mortar you are using, it’s important to closely follow the application guidelines and procedures.


We have a strong philosophy around concrete repair which allows the structure to live and breath as naturally as possible.

Vapour transmission is important in concrete as the structure adjusts to changing environmental conditions, in this regard we are very particular about limiting the use of primers and coatings which may impede this process.

Bluey Technologies produces a range of grouts and mortar suitable for concrete patch repairs. Here, we profile two of our most popular patch repair products. BluCem HB50 and BluCem HB55.

BluCem HB50 for architectural repairs

Easy to apply and fast-curing concrete repairs are often required in most civil engineering works. BluCem HB50 has been specifically designed to reinstate reinforced concrete and is therefore ideal for use in such projects. When water is added, the resulting one-component blend forms a lightweight and fast setting repair mortar. Following its application, the set times are fast, 30 minutes for initial and 45 minutes for final set. When contractors have deadlines to meet, BluCem HB50 is the way to go.

BluCem HB55 in the marine environment

Designed to cope with harsh marine and tidal environments, BluCem HB55 is a dry sprayed mortar that can be applied to both old and new structures. Common applications include marine structures, drainage systems, sewers and other concrete structures near water. The product is ultra high build and allows for rapid large-volume application.

Getting the right advice
Using the right mortar and mixing technique is crucial for the success of any cementitious patch repair job, the nature of which can vary from project to project.

We regularly advise our partners on product selection thoroughly before purchasing, to ensure that they meet all project requirements. Our technical engineers are always ready to help should you require further advice. To talk to us or to learn more about our concrete repair products, please get in touch with the team at Bluey today.

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