Bluey recently supplied waterproofing in the basement of a new block of high end apartments where a leak free outcome was imperative. Bluey offered engineering and technical assistance to our approved contractor to provide a full suite of solutions that achieved design specifications.

During the design stages of the project Bluey discussed the various options with the architect of the Kirribilli apartments, and it was decided that a drained system would be the most effective for the task at hand. This meant using our BluSeal PVC Tunnel Liner, a fully sealed and welded robust membrane system. BluSeal PVC Tunnel Liner was initially designed for large scale waterproofing jobs in tunnels, yet is suitable for a variety of projects. The BluSeal PVC Tunnel Liner meets international standards for tunnel waterproofing, which means it is held to the highest of standards for waterproofing.

BluSeal PVC Tunnel Liner is produced as a preformed sheet in a variety of thicknesses for performance applications, and is then customised to suit the project at hand. The sheets are then welded together to create a watertight seal. One of the many advantages to using the BluSeal PVC Tunnel Liner is its high flexibility, which means it is capable of conforming to various surface profiles. It is also easy to weld in complex areas, reducing costs on installation and increasing time efficiency.

Bluey’s approved contractor completed the project within the time frame, with the properties of the BluSeal PVC Tunnel Liner allowing for a quick, safe and economical installation. Our years of industry experience mean that you can count on us to deliver high quality results and support your project through to completion.

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