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Is Concrete Repair Worth the Effort?

Is Concrete Repair Worth the Effort? At Bluey, concrete repair is a major focus of ours. We endeavour to offer solutions to repair concrete rather than let asset owners spend more on a complete replacement project. One of the common misconceptions with cracked or damaged concrete is that, for the best result, it’s more productive […]

BluRez Resins and Epoxy Systems – From Pool Decks to Aeroplane Hulls

Epoxy resins provide unique features which make them suitable for high-performance civil engineering applications. Their exceptionally high bond to steel and concrete surfaces, combined with resilience to vibration and high tensile strength are often the reason they are used in the most demanding of environments. The full BluRez range can be found below this article. […]

What Exactly is Grout?

We’ve been a leading supplier of innovative, civil products for two decades now. The Bluey team has worked on countless civil engineering projects, including tunnels, roads construction, utilities, ports and basements among others. This means that we have been exposed to a lot of grout related challenges and we’ve solved a lot too. What is […]

What Happens When You Bathe BluCem ZeoGlass In Acid for 2 Years?

In the early stages of the BluCem ZeoGlass (ZeoGlass) development and approval process, we teamed up with The University of Sydney to conduct a test program, to analyse the “leading” sewer lining shotcretes and see how they perform next to ZeoGlass. These commonly used products consist of a geopolymer based shotcrete, a calcium aluminate cement […]

Australia’s Forgotten Recycled Glass Piles Find New Use in Our Sewers

It’s been two years since China stopped importing the glass that Australians put in their yellow bins. Up to the first half of 2018, China annually imported more than 30 million metric tonnes of waste from all over the world. From July onward, however, the Chinese Government decided that they would no longer accept “foreign […]

The Three Golden Rules for Road & Footpath Repairs

Roads & footpaths are getting busier each year. As anyone working in the industry knows, replacing and repairing them is becoming more challenging than ever. Stakeholders are pushing for works to be completed faster in an attempt to save money and minimise traffic interruptions. Bluey’s extensive experience with Fast Set Concretes (FSCs) and challenging commercial […]

Four Methods to Reduce Storm Water Damage

When stormwater surges, the flooding is often uncontrollable and unpredictable. This can result in homes, businesses and even lives being lost. At the time they occur, there’s not much that can be done. There is, however, ways to prepare ground and embankments to mediate the impact that flooding can have. Excavating the Surrounding Areas Flattening […]

The 12 Week Breakdown Process of our 100% Compostable Cement Bags

Following two years of research and development, in January, we began overhauling the entire BluCem bagged product line, switching to Australia’s first 100% compostable cement bag. The switch to the compostable bags means that the annual 250,000+ plastic bags will no longer be added to landfill. Our compostable cement bags have undergone a Biodegradability Assessment, […]

Boring the Brisbane Airport Link Tunnel and Grouting the Road Deck Simultaneously

At the time it was Australia’s largest road infrastructure project.  A 6.7km toll road featuring twin 5.1km tunnels connecting Brisbane’s CBD with the Northern Suburbs Airport Precinct. Since their completion in 2012, the tunnels and roadways are now part of a valuable Brisbane asset, assisting traffic flow and easing congestion. Upon starting the project, the […]

How Bluey and Specialist Site Services Helped the RMS Repair the M1 Motorway in Record Time

There are a number of reasons that structural foundations weaken and deteriorate. Whether it’s a design flaw, changes in the application, natural causes such as drought, earthquakes or flooding or even just the passage of time; assets need remediation. In the past, when foundations deteriorated, entire sections of assets would be removed and later replaced. […]

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