Before vs After – Bluey Goes Where the Sun Don’t Shine

Many of the engineering solutions that we supply at Bluey Technologies only happen to be seen by a select few people. The work that our approved installers do is remarkable, however, because it’s completed underground or behind construction hoarding our partners and other stakeholders don’t always get to see how our products are making a difference.

An example of this is Bluey’s Anchor Knob Sheet (BluSeal AKS) which has been a market leader in remedial concrete sewerage structure repair for more than a decade. BluSeal AKS is a world-class concrete protection membrane made of high-density polyethylene that is resistant to almost any chemical or mechanical trauma. Bluey is working with civil engineers on projects involving sewer repair, desalination plants, wastewater treatment structures and more to keep Australia’s sewers operating smoothly and efficiently.

Use the sliders below to reveal how we’ve remediated concrete structures across Australia with BluSeal AKS.

1) Man Hole Remediation

2) Ladders & Platforms

3) Pump Station Remediation

To learn more about BluSeal AKS or you’d like to speak to someone who ensures his pipes are cleaned twice daily, contact Greg Sieders, at or call 1300 0 BLUEY.


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