A common question when it comes to waterproofing is which system to use.

Sheet membrane or a liquid spray membrane?

Liquid Spray Membrane – BluSeal TF05
BluSeal TF05, our spray applied membrane is designed to permanently consolidate and seal brickwork, concrete structures and rock excavations from gas and/or water transmission.


The membrane is also often used for lining bored and driven tunnels, cut and cover tunnels, cross passages, shafts and underground structures. BluSeal TF05 can be applied in a range of thicknesses for various performance applications. The membrane liner is applied to structures to prevent water inflow and provide asset protection.  


  • Excellent tensile strength with high flexibility maintains coating integrity
  • Superb adhesion to rock, timber and brick surfaces assures long-lasting coating
  • Fire-resistant for safe use in underground environments
  • Potable water use approved in accordance with AS/NZS 4020:2005
  • UV and weather-resistant
  • Easily applied by roller, brush or spray methods.

Learn more about BluSeal TF05.

Sheet Membranes – BluSeal PVC & BluSeal VLDPE (Tunnel Liners)
BluSeal Tunnel Liner is supplied and installed as a fully sealed and welded, robust membrane system.


BluSeal Tunnel Liner is a synthetic membrane of plasticised PVC sheet which forms a flexible and durable tunnel membrane. BluSeal Tunnel Liner is also used for lining bored and driven tunnels, cut and cover tunnels, cross passages, shafts and underground structures.


  • Any penetrations or patches can be heat-welded
  • Membrane sheets are joined together using heat and pressure to form a fully welded connection. This connection is as strong as the parent material
  • The Integrity of the seam can be fully verified quickly and easily by means of air pressure on the test channel between the two adjacent welding tracks
  • The signal layer (blue colour in photo, right) ensures that any damage can be easily spotted and repaired
  • Much less surface preparation required compared to spray systems
  • Range of engineered terminations for piles and TBMs to resist high water head pressures.

Learn more about BluSeal Tunnel Liners.

Which System is Best?

While the BluSeal Tunnel Liner (PVC and VLDPE) does have durability and reliability benefits over a spray system, it does not match in the spray system’s ease of application onto complex shaped surfaces. We also typically only recommend spray-applied lining systems for drained tunnels and basements with sheet linings the reliable choice for tanked applications.

When selecting a waterproofing liner, it is best to speak to professionals, as the incorrect choice of material can result in costly damages and repairs.

Our team of civil engineers are happy to work through the requirements for any project to help ensure you choose the right waterproofing system for your next project.

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