Bluey Technologies is an industry leader in the supply of products, equipment and expertise in the Australian and New Zealand civil engineering industry. Over the years, we’ve worked on some of the largest projects in the region and provided some of the sector’s leading construction products in a wide range of solutions as well as in different applications.

One of our leading product ranges is BluSeal. Read on to learn more about BluSeal and where it can support your ongoing business demands and applications.

What is BluSeal?

BluSeal is a full end-to-end service including project management, product supply and installation for cast-in, bridge membranes, tunnel and dam linings, and strata support.

BluSeal is perfect for concrete protection in a number of applications – including industrial, commercial and residential locations. As such, two of our products are worth noting.

BluSeal Tunnel Liner

The synthetic membrane of plasticised PVC sheet is a simple yet effective solution which once welded forms a flexible and durable tunnel membrane. Ideal for the lining of bored and driven tunnels, cut and cover tunnels, cross passages and many other applications, the BluSeal Tunnel Liner meets global industry standards.

This product also comes with a 100 year durability guarantee.

BluSeal Anchor Knob Sheet

The cast-in high density polyethylene sheet is used to line aggressive chemical environments such as those found in sewer structures and waste-water treatment plants. Its comprehensive design stops the chemicals attacking the concrete and ensures a long quality concrete finish.

Why choose Bluey?

All our liners are manufactured to international standards with controlled minimum thicknesses during manufacturing, arrive defect free and all welding processes are tested onsite to the highest standards revered worldwide.

Bluey also offers support for training, testing, site inspection and design detailing.

If you are seeking cast-in, tunnel and dam linings, look no further than Bluey’s BluSeal product line. Contact our expert team today to find out more about each product and how it can be of assistance in your situation.

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