Bluey Technologies Pty Ltd is a long standing partner of the Australian and New Zealand civil engineering industry. As a provider of some of the sector’s leading construction products, we are proud to offer a wide range of solutions for different applications.

One of our leading product ranges is BluRez. Read on to find out what Bluey offers in this area and how we can support your ongoing business demands and applications.

What is BluRez?

Taking into account our extensive research and testing, our BluRez product line is the latest in resin and epoxy technology. Available for applications in ground stabilisation, grouting and structural issues, we are confident that we have the products and expertise required to produce the best end result.

The BluRez product line is extensive, involving solutions for everything from concrete protection to concrete repair and injection chemicals -which are perfect in many situations. As each product is highly specialised towards a particular application, it is important to get in contact with us. From this point, we can discuss the details of your project and suggest a resin or epoxy solution that can meet your requirements. The last thing we want is concrete cracking soon after installation!

We also have the expertise to assist with concrete tools such as pumps and mixers to ensure your project runs as smoothly as possible from the beginning.

BluRez history

Developing a product range as complex and technical as BluRez means that our development process has been in-depth and included a number of different suppliers around the world. We’ve put in the hard yards to develop products that can stand the test of time in Australian conditions and function to a high level in any application, whether in tunnelling infrastructure or ground stabilisation.

Applications of BluRez

Depending on which BluRez product you choose, there are a range of applications where it can perform to a high standard. This can include:

As a result, BluRez is a quality solution for many people including roading authorities, property owners, builders and other professionals in the construction industry.

If you are seeking structural epoxies, injection resins or ground stabilisers, look no further than Bluey’s BluRez product line. Contact our expert team today to find out more about each product and how it can be of assistance in your situation.

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