We’ve been a leading supplier of innovative, civil products for two decades now. The Bluey team has worked on countless civil engineering projects, including tunnels, roads construction, utilities, ports and basements among others. This means that we have been exposed to a lot of grout related challenges and we’ve solved a lot too.

What is grout?
Grout is a dense fluid mixture; most commonly used to fill gaps or reinforce existing structures. Grout is neither mortar nor concrete – its state is somewhere in between. While it still contains the same ingredients of cement, water and sand, grout is more fluid than mortar and concrete, which makes it ideal in certain civil engineering applications.

Grout’s fluidity and plasticity are essential, as it is placed in voids and in tight spaces where stability is essential. This is because grout is expected to not only fill the space but also connect to the surface and any associated joints.

In contrast to other structural paste products such as plaster, cement grout can produce excellent durability and low permeability with highly controlled volumetric stability (low shrinkage). At Bluey, we aim to ensure that all grouts are correctly mixed and applied to provide the best outcome for any project.

How to select the right grout
We have a carefully assembled range of grout products as part of the BluCem range. With many leading grouts in stock, we can specify a unique grout solution to your project’s application. During initial investigations and discussions with partners, we establish project expectations and what outcomes are required for the stakeholder. Using this information, we can determine which grout product will add the most value.

Of course, our on-site teams can assess its success and ensure the project runs to budget and on time.

Where are our grout products used?
We have been able to ensure highly reliable outcomes with all our grout products over the past two decades. The highest level of testing and quality control in the industry sets the benchmark for what is appropriate in the high stakes field of civil engineering. As well as developing custom grouts for specific projects, we have also extended our range to serve wider sections of the Australasian civil engineering industry. This includes:

  • Pile Grouting – BluCem HS200
  • Airport Runway Repairs – BluCem HE80 and BluCem HE80AG
  • Embankment Stabilisation – BluRez CSW and BluCem HS200
  • HV Cable Grouting – BluCem LH60
  • Soil and Rock Grouting – BluCem HS200, BluCem HS400
  • Post tension Grouting – BluCem HS200
  • Bolt Grouting – BluCem HS200, BluCem HS400
  • Underwater Grouting – BluCem HS60 UW

(All products are linked below this article)

Regardless of your requirements, the team at Bluey has the expertise and products to make sure the project meets your expectations. In fact, you only have to investigate our success with large-scale, high-performance grouting to see how we can add value.

Recent Projects
In recent years, we’ve supplied grout to the Eastlink Project Melbourne (3,500m3), the Hay Point Coal Wharf (2,500m3), Melbourne Airport (1,600m3), Airport Link Brisbane (1,500m3) and the Victorian Desalination Plant (1,200m3).

Our grout products are industry-proven and tested in the toughest of conditions. This means you can trust that our grouts are built to last and perform to the highest standard. With the reliability of Australian manufacturing, local supply, training and on-site product support, the smart choice for your next grouting project, is Bluey.

For more information on how we can assist your grouting applications, contact our team today on 1300 0 BLUEY or email bluey@bluey.com.au.


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