In the past, relining a highly acid environment has required two essential steps:

1) A layer of structural shotcrete is applied to improve the asset’s overall strength.

A sacrificial CAC protective coating is applied to ensure the structure’s durability by resisting sulphuric acid and other highly corrosive chemicals.

The interchanging of teams, machinery and equipment undoubtedly slows the construction timeline and results in high costs for the asset owner. It should also be noted that commonly, the sacrificial layer of a traditional sewer relining project will crack, opening up the structural shotcrete to acidic decay over time.

BluCem ZeoGlass achieves a superior design and specification as the two steps noted above are combined into a single re-lining stage. BluCem ZeoGlass, provides structural strength (50MPa @ 24 hours, 70MPa @ 7 days) and is also a protective liner, resisting acid – all of which is applied in a single process.

Unlike all other sewer liners, ZeoGlass in an all-in-one system. The structural repair mortar IS the corrosion-resistant binder.

We’ve also been strongly supported by the NSW Government and Water Authorities such as Sydney Water. In a recent show of support, the Environmental Protection Authority awarded a $1 million grant to our glass aggregate supplier, who’s able to crush, grade and clean the glass aggregate for the ZeoGlass formulation.

To learn more about BluCem ZeoGlass, visit the product page below, or speak to one of our Technical Support Team on 1300 0 BLUEY.



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