Australia’s vast coastline is one of the elements that make this country so special. With over 25,000 kilometres of marine environment, we’ve seen our fair share of civil coastal infrastructure projects over the past two decades.

As infrastructure continues to interact with the marine environment, businesses, local councils and governments are running into numerous problems. Whether this is in relation to salt-water corrosion, tidal zones or extreme weather, the infrastructure must be protected.

This is where Bluey is often called to be of assistance. We have faced all sorts of coastal repair situations and have developed and implemented smart solutions to ensure the structural integrity of the nation’s coastal infrastructure.

What coastal works does Bluey specialise in?

Wharf Repairs

Coastal Infrastructure

Wharf repairs are a core part of our services and we strive to develop quality products to support various applications. Whether your business is looking to repair an old wharf, strengthen existing implementation, repair a damaged wharf or build an entirely new structure, we can support your operations.

At the beginning of any project, our team of civil engineers will inspect the task and ensure the correct product is used. In regard to wharf repairs, there are a number of our products that may apply, including our three repair mortars, BluCem HB50, BluCem HB55 and BluCem HB60.

Tidal Zone Repairs

Products from the BluCem range are often chosen by contractors for tidal repairs as they have exceptionally high early strength development. This allows the grout to remain fluid during placement at low tide and ensures a solid, high-strength grout as the tide returns.

As a marine-grade shotcrete with high chloride and sulphate resistance, BluCem HB55 is based on CSA cement technology for use in concrete works requiring quick, reliable turnarounds. With a low carbon footprint, it also reduces waste on defective goods and has a long product lifespan, meaning you’ll get value as well as a speedy return to business as usual.

Structural Repairs

Shotcrete is widely regarded as the preferred repair method for large, overhead and vertical structural repairs in marine environments. Shotcrete eliminates the need to erect formwork, saving both time and labour costs. BluCem HB55 and BluCem HB60 are our structural shotcrete and consists of specifically graded aggregates.

These create maximum interlocking during spraying to build a depth of several hundred millimetres in one pass. Its low electrical resistivity also makes it suitable for repairs involving cathodic protection.

Non-Corrosive Reinforcement

One of the most effective ways to protect marine environments is through the minimisation of elements which will corrode in harsh coastal environments. The use of modern materials to create innovative concrete and also reinforce it can ensure that structures survive longer and require less maintenance.

BluGeo GRP60 offers a robust, lightweight, durable and economical solution. The product is easily cut, reducing site safety risks and is non-corrosive, making it the perfect reinforcement material to be used in coastal environments.

Why these products?

Our coastal product range is one of our most successful ever and features leading-edge technology in cements, grouts, mortars and ground stabilisation. Designed for both old and new structures, the BluCem HB range, in particular, is perfect for tough environments where either marine factors, tidal zones or chemicals will impact the infrastructure.

At Bluey, we offer a full end-to-end service designed to ensure projects are delivered on time, on budget and, most importantly, up-to-standard. As well as selling industry-leading products, our technical support and on-site assistance are just as vital to our clients.

This means we can provide help in relation to everything from surface preparation, mixing methods and equipment selection to general application, onsite testing and various testing.

For more information about our success with wharf repairs or our BluCem product line, reach out to our supportive team today on 1300 0 BLUEY or at

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