896 bags of BluCem HE80 – High Early Strength Grout were recently used to grout the joints and anchor points of precast bridge segments at the new Frenchman’s Creek Bridge on the outskirts of Rockhampton, QLD.

As the delivery of the replacement was 3 days, the grout had to possess properties that would ensure it could be safely opened to traffic in the strict timeframe. These properties included:

  • High Early & Ultimate Strengths: 20MPa @ 2 hours – 90MPa @ 28 days.
  • Highly flowable and pumpable: 30 – 60 minutes @ 20ºC agitated
  • Multiple methods of bulk supply: Mixed and delivered via BluCem 20kg or 1t bulk bags.

Panel dimensions: 1.8m x 17.5m x 0.75m.

The high early strengths allowed the work to be completed within the project timeline.

Highly flowable and Pumpable: Joint width 5-20mm.

The grout was used to fill the joints between precast concrete deck units as well as the anchor points.

By utilising innovative fast set solutions the onsite teams were able to successfully deliver the entire bridge replacement in 72-hours. Watch the 72 hour timelapse.

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