Bluey Technologies Pty Ltd has a long and proud history of industry-standard products for a range of different applications. Bluey supplies construction products to leading Australian and New Zealand civil engineering infrastructure works.  This includes, tunnels, roads construction, railway, ports, basements and other heavy engineering works.

What is BluCem?

BluCem represents leading-edge technology in cements, grouts and mortars. This particular set of products can be used for applications ranging from filling ducts around post tensioned cables, floor levelling or even encapsulation of ground anchors to spray and trowel applied mortars and pumpable or fast setting grouts.

What are the advantages of BluCem?

BluCem, similar to the rest of Bluey’s products, offer a range of solutions that have many benefits to both users and businesses. Some of these benefits include:

Fast setting with extensive early strength

If you are building roads, airports, tidal structures or associated infrastructure with limited time frames – you’ll need fast setting growth that can achieve 20MPa in two hours.

Our highly durable products remain stable for more than 100 years’ service life, thanks to proven OPC technology which has a product history of over 50 years.

Fully shrinkage compensated

We understand shrinkage.  There is a difference between shrinkage compensated, volume stable and non-shrink.  Each of these various types of products will result in different outcomes for your project application.

As there are various tests which determine different volume change properties. However, the tests are often misleading – producing inconsistent results. This means that it is important to talk to Bluey about your specific needs and we will make sure that the grout you select is suitable for the application.

Deep pour

Many high performance grouts get very hot when curing which can lead to damaging shrinkage immediately after casting and curing resulting in cracks and poor strength.

If your pour is deeper than 100mm then we would like to talk you through the application just to be sure that the right product has been selected.  More often than not we will have the right product for you and you can feel assured that the project will have a good outcome.

Concrete repair

Concrete protection and repair is our business.  Our expertise across this field will help you select the right combination of products for your project.  We have the most extensive range of test data for all of our products and we keep these updated regularly.

We are proud of the fact that our shrinkage and bond performance are amongst the best in the industry. We also take advantage of the latest technology to ensure the highest build capacity, lowest shrinkage, high bond and long term durability.  Most of our products are also suitable for use with passive and active cathodic protection.

Other benefits of our BluCem range include:

For more information about any of the BluCem products, contact the expert team today.

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