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3 Features Which Have Increased ZeoGlass’ Design Life in Sewers from 15 Years to 40 Years

When combined, the three features below extend BluCem ZeoGlass’ design life for up to 3 times as long as regular OPC shotcretes. 1) Corrosion Resistant Recycled Glass BluCem ZeoGlass is unique in that more than 50% of the mix is recycled by-products, including glass aggregate which is totally inert to corrosion in acid sewer environments. […]

Developing Membrane Termination Solutions to Deal with 3 Way Curvature in Cross Passages

Over the past 20 years, Bluey has completed waterproofing on hundreds of cross-passages, all of which have met the ‘no damp patches’ specification for rail infrastructure. All cross-passage entrances have curvature in three planes, making membrane installation, steel fixing and concreting far more complex than other tunnelling applications. The geometry adds particular challenges for the […]

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