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Concrete Repair: Why Modulus of Elasticity is the Most Critical Measure of Structural Performance

– By Daniel Bosco From the wide range of opinions about the best performing materials to the dozens of available products, the selection of concrete repair materials is a highly complex and challenging task. Depending on the application, the key drivers of performance can be categorised as either; durability, structural or aesthetic performance. This blog […]

Fast, Accurate and Reliable TBM Cross Passage Waterproofing

Over the past 16 years, Bluey has been entrusted for the waterproofing of many TBM cross passages across Australia and NZ due to our reputation for being fast, accurate and reliable. We’ve now successfully completed more than 300 TBM cross passages without leaks across many significant infrastructure projects, including Auckland’s Waterview Tunnel, the Brisbane Airport […]

The 5 Main Types of Concrete Failure – Here’s What You Need to Know

In the world of concrete repairs, the cause of the problem is not often visible, rather it is just a symptom of the real cause. Before any external faults show, stresses build up, internal chemical reactions may take place and unknown costs are already needed to repair the concealed failure. By the time it is […]

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