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BluCem 80-10



BluCem 80-10 is a multi component cement powder and selected aggregate blend which requires only the addition of water to form a rapid strength concrete.


BluCem 80-10 will cure to form a structurally supporting element in two hours using special cement systems suitable for permanent structures. BluCem 80-10 is a pourable product suitable for civil engineering applications. BluCem 80-10 incorporates cement and a selected aggregate blend to form a concrete which is workable, low drying shrinkage, durable concrete.

Application Advantages

Easily transported to remote locations

Good workability

Rapid strength gain

High compressive strength

Packaging options for small or large pours

Lifecycle Advantages

Ultra low shrinkage

High chloride and sulphate resistance

Chloride free

Suitable for 100 year design life applications

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