Operating near the tide mark can be tricky for civil engineers.

Learning more about BluCem HB60

Operating within the tidal zone is always tricky for a civil engineering company. Not only do you have to deal with the weather, the salt water and time restraints, the products and equipment you use also need to be correct. 

With so many products on the market today, it can sometimes be tricky selecting the right mortar. This is where Bluey and our BluCem HB60 offering can come in handy. Ideal for use in the marine environment and within the tidal zone, this is one of our most popular products within the BluCem line.

What is BluCem HB60?

Essentially, this product is one of Bluey's many one-component cementitious powder blends. This particular product is very simple to create with a fast-setting sprayable mortar formed with the simple additional of water.

Once this process has been completed, the mortar is ready to use and can start to add value to your civil engineering project.

Where can this product be helpful?

As mentioned above, BluCem HB60 should form part of any civil engineering project located near the tidal zone in the marine environment. Capable of being used on both old and new structures, this lends itself to sewers, drainpipes or other applications near the water. 

Of course, structural repairs near the tide mark can be dangerous, so it pays to work with a structural engineer who can identify hazards and ensure your team stays safe on the job. Not only is it important to have the mortar product for the application, any repairs need to be overseen by a professional team. 

Fortunately, Bluey is more than willing to assist in this area, with full support and training available to ensure the entire civil engineering project goes to plan.

Benefits of the BluCem HB60

As with any sprayable mortar, many of the benefits relate to the environment in which it will be used. The BluCem HB60 is no different in this regard. Here are just two advantages to keep in mind.

  • Fast setting and rapid strength gain – When time is of the essence, civil engineering businesses need a mortar that can set before the tide rolls in. The BluCem HB60 will deliver time and time again in this category.
  • Excellent workability – In tight spaces, this is an important element for any mortar. Thanks to the texture of this product, civil engineers can use the HB60 by hand for a perfect finish.

To learn about this product in more detail or to see the products in the line, seek assistance from the Bluey team today.


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